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Dusk, death of Mourning light, is hauntingly beautiful. I miss you... everything, your soft hair, your caring smile, your loving touch and your sweet kisses that Love no longer grants me. *Yesterday... I sat by your side, in your arms on the stone cold sidewalk, dreaded every moment that passed by us carelessly. I felt Warmth spread from your whispers, yet my heart could not stand the devastating thought of your absence tomorrow, that which made me the loneliest person in this world.

*Loneliness... Sadness has awakened. Anguished cries deep inside instantaneously thundered from within out. Sharp pains periodically struck his shattering heart without Mercy. The dreary wind hissed in awkward tunes that clouded his wilted Fate. Then rain, the heavenly tears dropped quickly in seeming endlessness. The soulful sky bled again and again, reddened his every apathetic movements. Water! Water! Red, blood red flood began to overfill his loneliness to further enhanced his companionless emptiness. His grey eyes abyssed toward that which had no image and his mind dwelled in thoughts that lacked pertinence. The screaming silence terrorized his melancholic hope. The tempest of Love raged in earthly passion once gave him life now drained him of his last pathical emotions, rendered him functionless. Will he survive the violence of this heartless storm? If only time would move faster...

*Right now... The distance that is severing my heart can only make my thoughts ever more seeking for your sole presence. Every moment, I yearn for you more than a man dying of thirst for water. I want to look at you as if I am to be a blind man tomorrow and wish your image to remains my forever last. I want to hold you again and never let you go, neither from my arms or thoughts. I want to feel your tenderness that would rescue me from this mad whirpool of loneliness. I want to kiss you again to remind me of Love as its foremost beauty. For all these, I love. For all the Love that know the painful moments that are needling my feeling torturously, I am bowing my endless thoughts of you to tell you that I LOVE YOU.

alan do - 06.01.1996

alan do
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the story of a vietnamese boy and a polish girl.
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