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if the thoughts in my heart could form soft brushes and wishful pallet of colors, i would paint you.

i would paint your curious eyes with the truth in tone of earth, though i must first make the earth sparkle...then i would grace your dark hair with the shadow of the moon and the silouette of autumn sunset. i would paint your skin in the color of gentle moon, though i must first weave the moonlight into the softest silk...then i would brighten your sweet smiles with the fadeless gold of sunflowers on the happiest day of summer. i would paint your gentleness in the colors of dews resting on deep green of grass and adorn it with the purest white of tiny lilies. then with strokes of wind i would paint your entirety in the color of water so I can quench my thoughtful thirst. and for each stroke i take, i shall take with utmost care; for every stroke i take, i wish not to lose a single thought of you.

for the longest time, i thought i was content with being by myself. when i met you...something inside me stirred deeply and made me wish that i will never be alone again.

alan do - 03.15.2001

alan do
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on marriage
snowflakes love
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tempest of loneliness
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the story of a vietnamese boy and a polish girl.
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