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The warm Sun set westward and left behind only the chills of Winter wind that wickedly moved her iced fingers contantly over my naked face. I walked alone. The willows drooped their head to seemingly share the deep thoughts echoed in my mortal soul. The weary path, whitened with glaring snows, tried to cover up the cruel memory...of a departure. Echo of the past grew louder and louder as the path wound down... a tear rolled down from my eyes, then another. The blood drops of my soul rolled again, melancholically and restlessly tried to heal an immortal wound. It was upon chance that we met and no choice in our departure. Time betrayed. We shared so much, all truthful secrets, of our Hearts that are now both broken. We held hands to draw our Hearts closer to Eternity. We kissed to share the sweet taste of Love knowing that Future hung in unknown Hope. We laughed for Joys and wept over Sorrows, together. We cradled each other in our arms, and at the same time Love was cradled. She drew me to the edge of Feelings, blindly. She came to my life so suddenly, only to disappear in the eternal stream of Time.

Why...why is there no such thing as no ending? Why must there be tomorrow so that Time can erase those greatest moments of Life? Why are sweet tastes turned bittter in that eternal stream? And why must fragile sails of the Heart suffer the maddening tempests of endless thoughts? Why? ...But she is no more, for there was no Truth to these questions. I walked on under the bitter laughter of the Winter wind hissing in response. Maybe the Sun will rise tomorrow.

alan do - 07.01.1992

alan do
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the story of a vietnamese boy and a polish girl.
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