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Aug.07.2010  san ignacio, belize
Aug.06.2010  tikal, guatemala
Aug.04.2010  san pedro,ambergris caye, belize
Aug.02.2010  grecia, poas volcano, la paz waterfalls, and san jose, costa rica
Aug.01.2010  monte verde, costa rica
Jul.30.2010  manuel antonio, costa rica
Feb.06.2010  the great 2010 snow storm
Jan.30.2010  montreal waterhouse exhibit
Jan.01.2010  last few days in tel aviv
Dec.31.2009  new year in tel aviv
Dec.30.2009  northern israel, the golan heights, and nazareth
Dec.27.2009  jerusalem
Dec.25.2009  haifa, caeseria, akko, and the north of israel
Dec.24.2009  eilat, the dead sea, christmas in bethlehem
Dec.21.2009  jordan petra, and wadi rum
Dec.20.2009  masada, the dead sea, and eilat
Dec.16.2009  tel aviv and cyprus
Aug.01.2009  zrt sector 7 shoot meet
Nov.25.2008  amsterdam brugge and ghent
Aug.31.2008  barcelona, spain
Aug.26.2008  mallorca, spain
Aug.23.2008  lisbon, portugal
May.24.2008  se shoot meet 08
Mar.28.2008  paris
Nov.03.2007  egypt sakara, saladin citadel, sultan hassan mosque
Nov.02.2007  egypt cairo, red and bend pyramids
Nov.01.2007  egypt balloon ride, valley of the kings, hatshepsut temple, karnak
Oct.30.2007  egypt temple of horus, luxor temple
Oct.29.2007  egypt abu simbel, kom ombo, costume party
Oct.28.2007  egypt the pyramids, boat cruise, aswan
Aug.18.2007  kasia in sweden with universum
Feb.11.2007  quebec ice festival and ice hotel
Dec.28.2006  new year in turkey
Dec.17.2006  christmas in poland
Oct.07.2006  san francisco area, napa valley, and denver area
Jul.01.2006  chicago visiting the kakareko
Mar.03.2006  los angeles the oscars and san diego
Jan.07.2006  last four days in vietnam
. Another feast for the foreigners, Alan's uncle's company party, a few more shots of Vietnam and a somber visit to Alan's maternal grandmother's grave.
Jan.05.2006  phu quoc vietnam
. Three days and two nights on the beautiful island south of Vietnam full of activities including sightseeing, fishing, snorkeling in the coral reefs, grilling on the beach, and just plain being lazy. The first few photos are not in Phu Quoc, but at a 'jungle' restaurant. Care to guess what animal is that on the plate?
Jan.03.2006  siem reap cambodia
. A 6-hour ride along to Mekong through Tonle Sap Lake to the city with numerous amazing temples, including Bahkeng Temple on a hill where we watched the sunset, the Bayon Temple with increidble detailed carvings, Terrace of the Elephants, and the mystical Ta Prohm Temple overgrown with trees, all inside Angkor Thom. Last day in 40-degree Celsius weather around and in Angkor Wat.
Jan.02.2006  phnom penh cambodia
. A 'skipable' city besides the Royal Palace and the city park, not much else here.
Dec.30.2005  new year in sai gon
. A quick visit to Alan's old house, a night out in the city, a trip to the Vietnam History Museum, Ngoc Hoang Temple, and a huge seafood grilling lunch with the family. Despite the lack of fireworks, we were the center of attention for New Year 2006, especially the blonde one. Oh, can you guess what we had for another incredible family dinner?
Dec.27.2005  bangkok thailand
. Three days and two nights in Bangkok, unintended itinerary included bypassing a tuk-tuk driver's jewelry scam, "Lucky Buddha" Temple, top of Baiyoke II tower, and lots of shopping. Touristy stuff included Wat Arun, Wat Po and the surrounding complex, Royal Palace, and Marble Temple. Several GREAT meals are also featured.
Dec.26.2005  tay ninh vietnam
. My uncle suggested that we go westward to visit Ba Den (Black Lady Mountain). We stopped by Cao Dai Temple on the way. Dima was rather helpful with our flat tire. After one of the best lunches of the trip, an 18-minute cable car ride to the top of the mountain led us to a beautiful Buddhist temple.
Dec.24.2005  sai gon vietnam
. Alan and Kasia back in Sai Gon in time for Christmas. We picked up Dima and Anya the next day and introduced them to the city with an evening tour and view of Sai Gon from Palace Hotel.
Dec.21.2005  qui nhon vietnam
. Three days and 3 nights in my hometown, Qui Nhon, where Alan was born and lived the first 6 years of his life. This short trip includes sightseeing two Champa's shrines sites, a hidden mountain spring, amazing seafood, several trips to Alan's grandparents' house, and Alan's grandma's grave.
Dec.19.2005  sai gon vietnam
. First day in Sai Gon, touring the city with Uncle Cuong and his girlfriend.
Dec.18.2005  korea
. Beginning of Asia, a short layover in Incheon Airport, Seoul, South Korea.
Aug.25.2005  quan and yen in vietnam set 2
Aug.25.2005  quan and yen in vietnam set 1
Aug.25.2005  quan and yen in thailand and korea
Jul.19.2005  quans and jareds roadtrip set 2
Jul.19.2005  quans and jareds roadtrip set 1
Jul.05.2005  the gang in canada set 2
Jul.05.2005  the gang in canada set 1
Jun.13.2005  quan in turkey and bulgaria
May.15.2005  quan in mallorca
Mar.13.2005  dublin ireland
Dima, Kasia and Alan in Dublin visiting Chmurka and Dorota. $8 Guiness anyone?
Jan.01.2005  riga and new year in tallinn from radek
Supplementals photos of our awesome 17-day year-end trip to Europe from Radek's camera.
Jan.01.2005  frankfurt poland riga new year in tallinn
Our awesome 17-day year-end trip to Europe, originally suppose to be the Ukraine for New Year, but we ended up going to Tallinn, Estonia instead.
Jul.23.2004  st catherines canada
ST CATHERINES KANADA. In July 2004, the three of us - Quan, Alan and myself - took a road trip to Canada, to visit our cousin Asia. W lipcu 2004 roku wybraliśmy się do St.Catherines w Kanadzie odwiedzić naszą kuzynkę Asię.
Dec.26.2003  xmas bialystok new year vienna
Nov.25.2003  amsterdam frankfurt darmstadt luxemburg
FRANKFURT AMSTERDAM DARMSTADT LUKSEMBURG. Our November 2003 trip to Amsterdam and Luxemburg. There are some interesting pictures, but we won't say which ones. W listopadzie 2003 roku odbyliśmy podróż do Amsterdamu i Luksemburga. Na niektórych zdjęciach jesteśmy pod wpyłwem "magicznie" działających substancji...sami zgadnijcie na któych.
May.25.2003  bialystok malbork gdansk
Feb.16.2003  snow mobile in maine
May.01.2002  early spring in budapest
BUDAPESZT. Our trip to Budapest, Hungary in May 2002. It was my 5th trip to Poland in 6 months. W maju 2002 roku wybraliśmy się w kolejna podróż, tym razem na Węgry do Budapesztu. Po raz 5-y w ciągu 6-ciu miesięcy Alan przyjechał do Polski.
Jan.01.2002  new year in riga
Nov.17.2001  poland lithuania latvia paris
POLSKA LITWA ŁOTWA PARYŻ. Quan and Alan's trip to eastern Europe at the end of 2001. This was the trip where Alan first met Kasia. Paris was incidental because the first leg of flight arrived late so we spent 1 day in Paris. Pod koniec 2001 roku Quan i Alan wybrali się w podróż do wschodniej Europy, w trakcie której spotkaliśmy sie po raz pierwszy. Przypadkowy, jednodniowy pobyt w Paryżu, zakończył kolejną wyprawę po Europie.
Aug.24.2001  the boys florida
Jul.04.2001  montreal and quebec
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