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Alone. He opened his eyes and stared lifelessly into Darkness. The constant yearning from within filled his empty Heart to near suffocation. Still, he continued to think...of her. His Heart grew further breathless. Her immortal image consumed his thoughts rapidly, then completely. The unknown Misery thickly coated his myth of Being with its darkened Sorrow. He wanted to cry, for Hopelessness, and hoped tears will refill his half-emptied Soul. He closed his eyes and searched for Light. She was born last night, here, amidst the garden of the Unconsciousness bathed in dews of Serenity. The undefinable Beauty smiled blossomly to the mystical welcoming world. She bowed her head softly to the gentle wind, only to find his playful fingers failed to resist the tempation to caress her dark silken hair. Her petal soft skin adored the tender Warmth of the morning Sun, who had yet once taken his eyes off her. Her majestic eyes, deep dark shade of Earth, gazed ethereally toward the celestial dome. She turned and passionately laid a whispering kiss upon the lucidity of Being. For eternity, she was born to walk with Spring and to calm the rage of Summer, then to bright the solitude of Autumn, to finally breathe life into the pale corpse of Winter. Nature dreamed and created Love, then she saw her, Nature created Beauty.

Within his garden, reality was but a Dream, upon which Light, without finite and Darkness, with out mortality, intertwined. In time, maybe Happiness will bloom on the unbearable Sorrow and thus will cultivate Hope from Hopelessness. Within his Heart, to love was to be. He searched, he thought...No! He searched deep and knew that he loved her...only if she knew...only if she knew. He looked on toward the endless Forever.

alan do - 05.01.1995

alan do
poets brush
on marriage
snowflakes love
as we...
tempest of loneliness
celestial entity
departures echo

the story of a vietnamese boy and a polish girl.
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